Ferrari Silicon Valley in Redwood City is one client I never mind going in to talk to about printing and design. Typically they need the standard office items. With the companies brand guides, they requested that I redesign all of their printed items. This consisted of letterheads, business cards, No. 10 Envelopes, etc. Another job that was a little more unique was their 14ft Feather Flags for their Cars and Coffee event. Ferrari's style is typically a clean black serif font on a white surface with their yellow logo popping off in a corner. I used this concept to keep their stationary items consistent while keeping a refined look to match the luxury theme their company promotes. 

Ferrari BC - Redesigned Image.jpg
Ferari No.10 Envelope PIC.jpg
Ferari No.10 Envelope PIC2.jpg
Ferari No.10 Envelope (no window) PIC-1.
Ferari No.10 Envelope (no window) PIC-2.
Ferrari Letterhead PIC.jpg
Falcon13ft-Single Sided Flag PROOF #2 (1