This Facebook lobby sign was a very unique request and was one of my first plywood signs I ever designed. Clearly I did not design Facebooks new logo, however to design the cut file for this sign was fairly complex. What made this sign unique was that the client wanted to use identical plywood as the existing background so the companies logo would blend in from a front view and start of develop as you look at it from different angles. A Colex Router Cutter was used to cut out the letters and the wood was 1/2" Birch Interior Plywood which was later stained. To make sure the spacing was perfect for the installation, I made a card stock template that we taped  and leveled to the wall. Once that is up, we placed the letters in the template and nailed it to the background using a nail gun. 

Facebook Wall Logo PROOF.jpg
Facebook-Wordmark-Plywood Sign.jpg
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IMG_1682 2.jpeg
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