The euthanasia project was created as an Amnesty International campaign. The idea was to openly convey information and statistics about euthanasia in the United States. To the left is a poster I designed to bring up the question of "If this is the quality of your life, what do you choose?" It is an extremely personal issue some families go through and there is no right answer. The second image is a content map providing various statistics about the matter in great detail. The two images on the right hand side is the front and back of a brochure I designed.


I wanted the brochure to have a slight animation when opened. The first page is a hand holding a power chord while the next page opened is the hand pulling the chord back. The idea was not to take a stance on the issue, rather it was to get a conversation started.


Brochure Outside.jpg
Brochure Inside.jpg
DSGD 104 - Euthanasia Poser 2.jpg
DSGD 104 - Third Option (no #'s) 2.1.jpg