ASC Construction Vehcile Signs 4.jpg

ASC Construction Services is a client that reached out with a car vinyl request. For this project, I had to really start from scratch. In other words, this client came in with a physical business card and that is it. I used the card as a reference but essentially I had to start from scratch. After hours of font research and editing, I finally got the logo to look indistinguishable from the original. 

Next step is printing, lamination and cut contouring. Vehicle vinyls require a cast vinyl and laminated because cast vinyls have more flexibility. This means that this material is ideal because it can be installed over contoured surfaces with ease. I personally installed this vinyl myself with a squeegee and a heat gun. Image 2 is the mockup I made in Photoshop and the images below that is the completed job.

ASC Truck Image.jpg
ASC Construction Truck Vinyl Wrap.jpg